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Tonic Studios - Tim Holtz - Precision Craft Trimmer

Tonic Studios - Tim Holtz - Precision Craft Trimmer

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This 12.5" Precision Craft Trimmer is designed by Tim Holtz for Tonic Studios. This heavy-duty trimmer will be the last one you need for all your paper crafting needs! 


  • One 12.5" Precision Craft Trimmer
  • Two black cutting blades 
  • One gray scoring blade 
  • A spring-lift blade track 
  • A measuring grid surface with size markings 


  • The cutting and scoring blades cut and score up to 12.5" 
  • This trimmer can be used for both cardstock and paper
  • There is a 6" or 15 cm central ruler for convenient measuring 
  • There are locking extendable rulers up to 12", that fold away for easy storage
  • There are measurements in both inches and metric 
  • There is a 0.25" measuring grid surface with size markings 

How to Use: 

  • Insert your paper under the spring-lift blade track
  • Align your paper to the top or bottom edge of the trimmer 
  • Apply pressure to the blade track to engage 
  • Slide the blade along the track for a clean cut or score

Care Instructions: 

  • Blades can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Always dry thoroughly after washing them 
  • Do NOT immerse this product in water
  • Handle with care and store the trimmer in a cool, dry place 


This product contains a sharp edge, use it with care. NOT for children's use. 

You are going to love this Precision Craft Trimmer designed by Tim Holtz. You know with his name on it, it will be made of the best materials and will last a lifetime!  

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